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Sellers Info & Tips – Video Library

Welcome to our Sellers Video Library  – We’ve prepared a series of videos that will introduce you to the DC Metro Realty Team and how we serve you.  This series explains the different aspects of the Home Selling process so that you will be well prepared as you begin.  We have also included other videos that we found helpful or interesting regarding the Home Selling process.


Sellers Video Series – #1 Introducing the DC Metro Realty Team


Sellers Video Series – #2 Maximizing the Value of Your Home


Sellers Video Series – #3 Mistakes NOT to Make on Pricing Your Home


Sellers Video Series – #4 Preparing to Show Your Home


Sellers Video Series – #5 Our Seller Client Services


Tips for Selling your Home – RE/MAX


Tips for Successfully Marketing your Home – RE/MAX


‘RE/MAX Fit to Sell’ Series


Depersonalize Your Home to Sell


Prepare Your Home for Sale


Main Selling Rooms


Simple Facts to Help You Sell Your Home


Top 5 Issues in Preparing Your Home for Sale


Deal Makers for Home Buyers


Air Quality




Furniture Placement


Winter Curb Appeal


Why a Home Doesn’t Sell




Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer


Turning Your Family Home into a Model Home


Features of Your Home That Attract Buyers


Home Inspection